Old Year, New Year: Awards, Customers, & Growth – Balanced Scheduler

Happy new year to everyone! 2022 was an exciting year for Duality Systems. Throughout the year, we gained momentum with new product features, new customers and partners. Best of all, we were recognized with awards on both sides of the holiday, which makes looking forward into 2023 even more enjoyable.

Over the course of 2022, we continued to develop and refine Balance Scheduler for our healthcare system customers to ensure they were truly receiving a game-changing product that helped them better retain their valuable employees who are considering leaving healthcare and improve work-life balance for everyone. We know that healthcare costs in the U.S. are high; but, the skyrocketing rate of provider turnover is an unsustainable expense in every sense of the word. Just this past year, we reached a national average of 27.1% of RN turnover. In specialties like emergency services and behavioral health, that number startlingly goes above 100%. Every percentage change in turnover we can reduce in hospitals saves an average of over $260,000. For every 20 travel nurses reduced, it’s well over $4,000,000! We continue to focus on making complex scheduling perfectly simple in Balance Scheduler and delivering custom schedules to each employee in just seconds. Our customers will now be able to easily schedule composite and geographically dispersed offices/units, and automatically schedule both tasks and shifts to prioritize certification or training based on upcoming expirations, among other features.

Healthcare is not the only industry that struggles with the burden of complex scheduling and all the down-stream effects, such as employee burnout, poor utilization, strained budgets and manpower. Our government customer base in the Department of Defense has grown substantially this past year as word has gotten around about our capabilities. We are proud to reduce the scheduling burden and streamline through automation military personnel and aircrew operations, reducing that time to just a handful of minutes from well over 100 hours per week in several cases. We look forward to expanding to more organizations that are truly looking to innovate and automate, bringing their people back to the valuable tasks for which they trained.

Near the end of 2022, we were thrilled to participate in USAA’s 100th Anniversary Pitch Contest, “From Service to Startup,” powered by Bunker Labs, where we won third place! The event provided great exposure and networking opportunities for us. We’re thankful to have been invited and encourage any veteran startup founders to apply to compete in 2023. 

Finally, to kick off the new year, we were identified as one of the “Best Tech Startups of Colorado Springs” by the Tech Tribune, powered by Crunchbase. Their team looked at our potential, leadership team, traction, and competitive landscape and liked what they saw. We’re thankful for the recognition and look forward to growing even more this year to meet the demand of improving work-life balance in the most stressful and challenging industries through optimized scheduling. Please connect with us to continue to follow our journey and bring our solutions to those who need it most.

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