Complex Scheduling

Perfectly Simple

Cutting edge AI technology that automates and optimizes scheduling process for personnel, operations, and logistics in complex organizations.

Preference-based schedules maximize staff satisfaction and retention.

Direct return on investment achieved in less than a month. Indirect ROI realized through improved quality/safety and staff.

Cuts scheduling labor by >90%. Automatically includes organizational requirements and provides best-fit fixes for schedule disruptions.

Eliminates human error and maximizes personnel and asset utilization. Enables rapid, informed decision making.

Why Duality Systems?

We empower our customers with products that help them recapture their work-life balance.

Simplifying your work–that’s our passion. We’re laser-focused on helping streamline and optimize your operations to save you time, improve your results, and help everyone recapture their work-life balance. We believe in what we do. You can, too.

We eliminate wasteful workflows.

From healthcare to military operations, scheduling and workforce optimization is a complex challenge. Our clients are often burning valuable human capital to complete non-value added tasks, such as scheduling. 20 to 100+ hours a month spent per schedule equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars senselessly wasted and employees endlessly frustrated with “administrivia.” 

We help your employees do their jobs better, faster, and with less stress.


What Our Clients Say About Balance Scheduler

Balance Scheduler was designed from the ground up with with a user-first mentality, Each installation of balance scheduler is designed for YOU and your organization - easy deployment and simple to use.

Quick Setup

Deploy and use within 24 hours after on-boarding; no additional infrastructure required.

Easy to Use

Access and manage your schedules and staff from every device - on the web, phone, or tablet. Use our guided tour to set up your user profile to get the best results to sustain your work-life balance.

Fully Customizable

Scheduling details, user permissions and experience, external integrations, and branding to match your organization. Balance Scheduler is designed to work for YOU.

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